Power Mouse Activity Center Hours
Monday - Thursday:
7:45am - 1pm & 3:15pm - 8pm

7:45am - 1pm & 3:15 - 7pm

8am - 1pm                        

2pm - 4:30pm

Our Childcare is FREE for any of our members, including one-day members!*
Powerhouse Gym provides a convenient on-site childcare.  Our friendly staff will enable
you to enjoy your workout while your children participate in a variety of creative activites
from art, storytime, video games, and a large variety of age appropriate videos.  We know
how hard it is for kids and parents to separate, so we have Nanny Cam throughout the gym
for the convenience of checking in on your little ones without the possibility of upsetting
them.  Our Goal is to provide a safe, fun and stimulating enviroment allowing each
child the opportunity to develop a positive self-image.

About Power Mouse

Activity Center Policies are available on request at the gym. All members must agree to our policies and sign the childcare waiver before their child is allowed to enter the Activity Center. Please note that members are only allowed to leave their own children in the facility, not children of other parents (members or non-members) for whom they are caring. Members can only use the Activity Center for a maximum of two hours per calendar day, regardless of the number of children they bring.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Activity Center, please contact the gym at 817-596-4579.

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