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Class Descriptions

AeroStepX2    Sweat your way through an all-cardio, non-stop 55 minute workout.  Dance-based Aerobics, followed by Double Step. Bring water and a towel!.

Cardio Pump    A fun, head-to-toe workout combining both cardio and strength training.
s and heart moving.   

Gentle Yoga    Designed for everyone. Focus on stretching, toning and relaxing your way to physical health.  This is a great class for beginners.

Pilates    A total body conditioning which focuses on neutral alignment of the spine and core control during movement.

Once you step foot into R.I.P.P.E.D., you'll find yourself immediately locked into this high energy workout and begging for more. It's a workout that masterfully combines an easy, yet effective cardiovascular routine interlaced with weights and resistance. It's a combination that drives up your endurance and gets your body moving. R.I.P.P.E.D. will keep you motivated by giving you a desire to stay fit, in turn, pushing you to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s fun and will produce results you won’t get from walking on the treadmill.

Triple ‘S’ (Step/Sculpt/Stretch)    This class combines step, to get your heart pumping, and sculpting, to tone and strengthen your muscles, ending with yoga based stretch.  

The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. Our goal is simple: We want you to want to work out, to love working out, to get hooked. Zumba® Fanatics achieve long-term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life!  The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you've got a Zumba® class!

Cardio Step    An excellent, energetic step class to get the leg

Cycle (fee based class)    Class size is limited, register at the front counter only 24 hours in advanced. A low-impact, high intensity cardio workout.  
Cycle/Sculpt    Combining both classes to create a power packed workout.
Cycle Zone    Take your cycling to the next level by using heart zone training concepts. It is recommended that you wear a heart rate monitor to this class. 

Express FIT    A 45 minute express workout for those that want an effective weight loss and toning class.  You will lose weight, gain muscle tone, and burn off the calories.  Perfect for beginners to advanced levels.  You can determine your strength and energy level, and move up in intensity as your strength and energy increase.  Perfect for those that have little time, but want a great workout.

Fit for Life    A body friendly class for individuals just starting out or looking for a light to moderate activity. Classes consist of cardio, resistance training and stretching.

Sculpt Plus    Improve your bone density, muscle tone and strength with this weight-bearing workout. This conditioning class utilizes hand weights, resistance bands and tubing to create more of a challenge.

Tai Chi    A Chinese practice designed to exercise the mind and body through a series of gentle flowing postures that create a synchronized dance.

Yoga    This class will focus on correct alignment in postures and breathe work, while moving through the practice. You will learn to twist, stretch and balance your own body to generate heat, flexibility, strength and endurance. Instructors will bring experience from various yoga styles.


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