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At the Powerhouse Gym and Fitness Center of Grand Haven, our goal is to provide a gym for your success!  If you are looking for a night club, go down town.  The Musical Fountains are great, but if you are looking for some place to get your sweat on and your gears moving in a non-intimidating atmosphere, then look no further. 

Whether you are coming in for a Day Pass or joining our Powerhouse Family enjoy amenities such as Free Weights up to 150#, 100# Plates, Tires, Battle Rope, Squat Rack, Smith and much more. On the other hand we have more then just heavy weights.  Come in and take advantage of our FREE Classes & Boot Camps, Tanning, Daycare, Personal Trainers, Full Locker Rooms, a Friendly Family Staff and much, much more!  

The Powerhouse Gym and Fitness Center of Grand Haven is clean and friendly, but don't forget, we are the Powerhouse Gym and we strive for strength, fitness and your over all good health.  Whether you are coming in to add a few pounds to your bench or wanting to take off a few or more from your waist line, walk on the treadmills or ellipticals in the winter or just stay in shape for the summer, we are "Fitness for Life". We are only as good as your success.  If you achieve your fitness goals, then we are successful and feel we have done our job to you and our community. 

Powerhouse Gym of Grand Haven is family and locally owned, managed and ran.  Please stop in today so we can do our part, which is to help you do yours.

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